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Dali & Film book

Description: Dali & Film investigates, for the first time in depth, the part played by film as a key influence on Dali’s art, as well as his extensive involvement in film-based projects. This illuminating clothback presents not only the major paintings that reflect the artist’s famous preoccupation with film, but also other materials related to the key film projects on which he worked.

Throughout his long career, cinema contributed to Dali’s understanding of both the power and the uses of illusion. In 1929 and 1930 he collaborated with the influential Spanish Surrealist filmmaker Luis Bunuel on the startling and highly controversial films, Un Chien andalou and l’Age d’or.

Many years later, Dali worked with the Disney studios in Hollywood and with Alfred Hitchcock, devising a dream sequence for the psychological thriller Spellbound that remains one of the most innovative in cinema to this day. Over the intervening years, Dali came to reject what he saw as the elitism of Modernist film, and embraced instead the popularity of mainstream cinema, recognizing its potential to bring his work to a far larger and more democratic audience.

Extensively illustrated with reproductions of paintings, film stills, storyboards and photographs of the artist with figures ranging from studio bosses to the Marx Brothers, Dali & Film reveals the depth and persistence of Dali’s fascination with the medium, bringing a new dimension to our understanding of one of the great masters of twentieth-century art.


 Salvador Dali – Surrealists   $17.95

Salvador Dali – Surrealists book

Salvador Dali and the Surrealists is both a great read and also contains 21 Surrealist Activities the entire family can engage in! This book explores Dali’s controversial life and times, and traces the roots of some the images kids call their own. As readers come to know the art rebels of an earlier generation, they’ll engage with surrealism by playing the “Exquisite Corpse” drawing game, making Man Ray-inspired solar prints, filming a Dreamscape video, writing surrealist Poetry, and assembling art with found objects.


Dali: Surrealism and Cinema $16.95

Dali: Surrealism and Cinema – book

Dalí, Surrealism and Cinema is a much-needed approachable guide to Dalí and film and also contains a good deal of extensively-researched contextual material that isn’t found elsewhere. King gives the reader a fresh and comprehensive look into Dali’s cinematic past.