The Dali Society

The Dali Society was founded by Joe Nuzzolo on June 26 1993.  His team is comprised of 8 honest, dedicated Salvador Dali advocates that all work relentlessly to keep Dali’s artwork alive. The Society was formed in Redondo Beach, California where Joe has wine tasting events in his Dali art vault.   The society welcomes you to stop by and take a look at various art pieces and conversate with like minded artists and art connoisseurs.  Monika Martin is the director of operations and an expert art consultant, she can be reached via email:

As an expert dealer himself, Joe Nuzzolo prides himself on his integrity and honest dealings. With over 10,ooo authentic artwokrs sold, the Dali Society plans to continue it’s commitment to serving the art community for years to come. Come be apart of our following on our FaceBook fan page and feel free to share your experiences and questions.

Quote from Joe Nuzzolo in an interview with the L.A times:

“A Dealer would have to be a darned fool not to provide something in writing,” as the law requires, said Joseph Nuzzolo, a Redondo Beach art dealer specializing in Salvador Dali prints. “However”, Nuzzolo said, the law on art prints goes only so far in protecting buyers. Every fake I’ve ever seen has had a certificate of authenticity that also was phony.”