Joseph Nuzzolo

After 25 years in the business of Salvador Dali, Joe Nuzzolo has seen it all.

An expert in the print editions of Salvador Dali, Joe Nuzzolo has examined and sold over 10,000 authentic Dali prints. He personally owns one of the largest Dali collections in the world. “Dali was expansive, eccentric and extremely gifted, however, he lacked business acumen.  For that he has left us a great puzzle to solve.”

Part of solving the Dali puzzle is to make certain that those dealing in Dali are adhering to the highest standards of authenticity. Joe Nuzzolo has been at the forefront of promoting an acceptable worldwide standard for the authenticity of Dali prints.

Joe Nuzzolo has trademarked “Bullettproof Authentication®” which in its simplest terms means that every work that comes through his organization is authenticated by a third party expert.  After Joe Nuzzolo pressed other dealers to adopt the same standards, Bullettproof Authentication®” immediately earned the wrath of certain Dali dealers. Emails, critical of the policy, came in from those dealers who were making their living authenticating the very art they sold, an ethically questionable practice. But Joe Nuzzolo stood his ground…. “What good is it, if the dealer, who offers you the art, also provides the authenticity? I know of a dealer who has admitted under oath to selling Dali fakes, yet still carries on the practice of authenticating the very works he sells!  What protection does the buyer have in such a case?”

Ironically the practice of in-house authenticating has been generally accepted in the Dali market.  “If you were buying a home, would you  accept an inspection from the person selling you the house? I certainly hope not. However collectors regularly accept the incestuous practice of in-house authenticating when it comes to the works of Salvador Dali” Joe Nuzzolo says.

Joe Nuzzolo’s dedication to accountability and transparency in the Dali market has earned him the respect of the esteemed Fundacio Gala-Salvador Dalli,, the most important and influential Dali organization in the world. It has also put Joe Nuzzolo at odds with what he refers to as the “dealers from the dark side” because he not only created the standard, he helps to enforce it.

To date Joe Nuzzolo has assisted an array of buyers in getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds from those “dark side dealers” who sold inauthentic Dali works. He has never charged for his service. “With every victory I have, the Dali market becomes a better place to invest. But the task is huge. It would be a lot easier for me if collectors simply insisted on a third party authenticity, or checked with me before they purchased a Dali work. The task of cleaning up after the fact is stressful and time-consuming.  Some dealers fight tooth and nail before giving a refund.  I would prefer not to do it, so as a buyer, cover yourself and insist on a 3rd party expert opinion, like one from Alex Rosenberg, the Founder of The Salvador Dali Research Center,( Frank Hunter of the Salvador Dali Archives ( or Peter Lucas of the Appraiser’s Association of America (”

Both museum curators and law enforcement officials count on Joe Nuzzolo as someone to turn to for information regarding the Dali print market. Joe Nuzzolo’s assistance has helped to prosecute art criminals. Joe Nuzzolo’s depth of knowledge and his uncompromising integrity have given him the credibility and expertise to become what the Salvador Dali Research Center called, “one of the most reliable and knowledgeable dealers of Salvador Dali’s art in the United States

Albert Field, the founder of The Dali Archives wrote, ”Mr. Nuzzolo’s Integrity is beyond reproach.” Mr. Marshall Rousseau, Director Emeritus of The Salvador Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg Florida called Joe Nuzzolo, “An expert in the Dali market.” Peter Lucas, Dali publisher and scholar, who is Certified and Designated by the Appraiser’s Association of American as a specialist in Dali, said, “Joe Nuzzolo, of The Salvador Dali Society® is the only dealer to whom I will refer to my clients with 100% confidence.

Absolute authenticity is not the only goal when offering a client a work by Salvador Dali. Joe Nuzzolo directs his clients to the works showing the most promise in the market.  “Among the authentic print editions of Salvador Dali there are some that are very strong, some that are mediocre and some that you should avoid. Of course the more important ones are harder to find, but that is our job and we are very good at it. We have been around for a quarter of a century and have the connections to find the rarest works at attractive prices.”

Today, the works of Salvador Dali are more sought after than at any other time in history. Examples of his increasing popularity include: Dali exhibitions consistently break attendance records and Joe Nuzzolo’s Salvador Dali page on Facebook,, has millions of fans.

Salvador Dali is the last of the 20th century masters who is still affordable. His paintings have already jumped considerably in value and while no one can predict the future, it seems the strong,authentic, hand-signed prints will follow.  As they reach their full potential, it will be the inner circle of Dali collectors, who are taking their advice from Joe Nuzzolo, who will be holding the best works.